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Meet Chloe Markham of The Yoga Revolution

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

If you think Yoga is all about zen like vibes and a tranquil environment, think again as The Yoga Revolution (TYR) – based in Nether Poppleton - is a music-centred approach to yoga that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Chloe Markham is Behind the Yoga Revolution, and here she tells us more about how her small business is shaking up the Yoga world and creating a community with a difference.

Yoga with a difference

We yoga to great tunes (think Hendrix, alt-J, Prince, Metallica) and we fall over often and connect back to that spark that makes us all alive. Really, we’ve always just wanted to shake yoga up a bit to make it more accessible, affordable, fun and way less serious than the regular classes yoga is known for. Ultimately, it’s more about helping people feel better and building a community.

We opened our new custom-built studio in Nether Poppleton in July 2018, but I’ve been teaching classes in community spaces since the summer of 2016. We just wanted somewhere that could become our yoga home so finding a studio became a natural progression.

Building a community of Yogis

What I enjoy most is the community we’re building! The folk who come into class, pull shapes, laugh at my terrible jokes, and keep coming back. It’s so awesome to see progression happening for people, or even just someone telling me that they feel less like cr*p today because they came to class. When it gets hard, these guys always end up reminding me why we’re doing this, and it completely lights me up.

Building our little family of teachers has been an amazing journey too. Tough to find, but I feel so excited about being surrounded by a growing number of such amazing yogis. It’s important to me that the teachers that come in have some of these same sparkles about them, and the teachers we’ve got in just blow me away. Our community at TYR starts with them - I’m so excited to have them with us on this journey.

Biggest challenges

The biggest challenge I’ve come across is definitely all in my head. Some days it’s hard work, and it’s easy to let your head go. You wonder if you’ve made the right decision; if you’ll make it through to the other side or if you’re even making any impact. I’ve been working regular 16-hour days for over six months now, and it can take its toll.

However, having a team around you to help support you/each other is a massive thing, and I’m super grateful that I have that in my partner Darren (who’s a big part of the business), and my family and friends.

Even just learning to take rest when I can is a big thing too. Self-care - wow, it’s a big deal! And, of course, gratitude helps. Just reminding myself how epic this all is keeps me going.

Plans for 2019

We plan to take over the world! Kidding... But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big eh?! We’ve got plans to expand on our current timetable to offer more to our amazing members, and other exciting stuff to help TYR go a little further (but I can’t say much on that yet).

We’re still so new here at the studio, but our goals always revolve around wanting to make it an even better experience for everyone involved. Teachers, folks who’ve been practicing with us for years and those who’ve just walked through the doors - it’s got to be about making the world a better place or, to me, it’s just not worth it.

Upcoming classes/events

We’ve got beginner’s courses all the time right now, brand new TYR Academy sessions for kids, plus my regular alignment workshop, and new classes just landed on the timetable with my awesome crew of teachers.

We also run regular ‘Raise The Roof’ events to celebrate our love for yoga and music - we practice for 90 minutes to a particular genre and then eat too much food. January’s was the 80s edition, and April’s is the rock night - these are always super fun.

We’ve got plans for a mental health workshop next month too as well as our sell-out handstand workshops.

To find out more about all our events and classes visit www.theyogarevolution.co.uk

You can also follow us on facebook.com/theyogarev or instagram.com/the.yoga.revolution

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