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Meet husband & wife duo, behind a new sustainable coffee shop with a spark

Inspired by their world adventures, Colin and Rachel Everett - a husband and wife team with young twins - have opened a new eco-conscious, independent coffee shop serving quality sourced coffee from York’s thriving urban space, Spark on Picadilly.

We spoke to Rachel about how Everetts Coffee Company got started, the juggle of parenthood with a business, and their mission to serve York residents the best coffee, with sustainability at heart. Vegware cups and Ecoffee cups are available, as well as discounts for customers that bring their own reusable cups.

How it all started

After our world adventures, basically, living and working in different countries for over two decades, it was our dream to open a small coffee shop. As journalists/teachers, we would review many coffee shops and had our own opinions on what made the best ones.

Really good coffee shops were surprisingly hard to find in places. Some had a concept that was too fancy and were pretentious, whilst others didn’t pull their weight when it came to making a good cup of coffee – but we had fun testing them all!

We want to keep it simple. As big fans of Monmouth Coffee, we decided to start small and just focus on what is important – the coffee. When we approached the Monmouth Coffee team, they were so excited and supportive of our plans and true friendships have developed. We just opened our first shop at Spark on Saturday 16th March.

How we work

I am also a freelance food and travel journalist and a digital content consultant (Telegraph, Times, CNN), so Colin, my Irish husband is on the ground most of the time doing the hard yards and I am the marketing person/general admin/helper, for now.

Since we opened, we’ve enjoyed meeting people from all over; people that seek us out for our coffee and we’ve had some lovely comments and reviews in just a short space of time.

It’s great to be part of the York community too, and as York is my hometown we see a lot of familiar faces: from families at our kids’ local school to relatives and our friends/neighbours.

Juggling act

There are always challenges, and after running previous businesses, we know it’s never the easy route. I think if you are realistic about this it helps. Like any small business, we work really hard and have to juggle a bit.

We have young twins so are used to having many plates to spin. We were involved in our first business venture when the twins were just 7-month-old babies and we juggled two jobs until we made money – so that was a challenge!

Looking ahead

We have plans to expand the brand. But we’re just starting out so first of all, we just want to provide the people of York with excellent coffee at our family-run shop.

We serve our takeaway coffee in Vegware cups or customers can bag a seat at the communal tables outside the shop. We have already started selling Ecoffee cups and beans/blends for home too, which have gone down well, and we also sell flavourful whole leaf teas and delicious hot chocolate from local York Cocoa House – perfect for little ones.

We make our coffee with Greyley’s Jersey milk which is amazing and has a beautiful biscuit-like taste and also Oatly Barista. We like to keep it local where we can.

Offers & promotions

We are currently offering a buy 6 get 1 free loyalty card scheme and customers that bring a reusable cup get a great discount – 50p off.

We’re also giving away mini chocolate bunnies with every hot drink, during The Great York Bunny Search (02 April-28 April) until we run out!

We’ll be updating our offers each month to keep offering locals both excellent quality and value.

You can follow Everetts Coffee Company on Instagram: @everettscoffee

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