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Meet Jessica & Sebastian of Rise and Shine Living

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Rise and Shine Living is a welcome new addition to York's thriving Fossgate - which is full of independents - stocking a range of beautiful home-ware items, organic health and beauty products, along with unique gifts.

We spoke to Jessica, who runs the shop with her partner, about how the business got started, and the young couple's roles as Ambassadors for Tropic Skincare; an award-winning range of natural skincare and beauty.

Family business

Rise and Shine Living is a family-run business and was established by my mum, Sue Heyland. She first worked in the markets in South Molton (North Devon) and after several years she opened a permanent store in the town. The York store was opened in November last year and is run by myself and my boyfriend, Sebastian.

Running a business in York

We love the fact that we get to meet the lovely people of York and visitors to this amazing city. We are also very proud to be an independent family-run business and pride ourselves on supporting other small independent businesses from around the UK, stocking a large range of British sustainable living products.

Small business challenges

The shop is run seven days a week by just myself and Sebastian. We also live in Leeds and commute into work every day, so getting little free time and the commute in to York are challenges that have slightly affected us.

Tropic Ambassadors

As well as running the shop, both Sebastian and I are Ambassadors for Tropic Skincare - award-winning vegan and cruelty-free products - so we hold events for Tropic to help raise money for charities.

We have the launch of the new Spring products from Tropic on 5 April at 7:30pm, and during this event we will be raising money for Yorkshire Cancer Research; all are welcome.

Looking ahead

We will continue to bring in more sustainable living products, and use the world of social media and word of mouth to raise awareness that sustainable living is key, as this is a large part of our business. We're also aiming to stock more products that are made within Yorkshire.

York, UK

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