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Meet private chef, Megan Ponting of Feeding the Rest

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Having grown up in a family of many generations of cooks, Megan Ponting soon developed a passion for creating delicious meals.

Influenced by her Palestinian and Irish background, as well her love of Italy, Megan has successfully combined her passion for food and different cultures in her private chef business, known as Feeding the Rest.

We found out more about her business, tasty, eclectic cuisine, hosting Supper Clubs in York and her goals for the year ahead.

About Feeding the Rest

I cater for clients’ gatherings - big or small - in their homes, and I host Supper Clubs. I specialise in Middle Eastern and Tuscan cuisine as it’s what I grew up with and have an affinity to. It’s also something that you don’t see an awful lot of in York so I thought it would be a great way to tell my story through doing what I love.

Initially I started the business as a baking business and then I was approached to do my first supper club for charity. From there it went into private dining and I have had requests for it ever since.

Exploring other cultures through food

My favourite part of the business is surprising people with how good something unknown tastes. It could be something as simple as an aubergine, but cook it in a way you’ve never seen before with ingredients you’ve never used before and it opens up a whole new dimension. It’s getting people to travel without leaving the country.

Challenges of a small Business

I am not making enough from my business yet to do it full time so, for me, the hardest part is time management; doing all the admin and preparation in my evenings or on my days off.

Supper Clubs

I frequently have Supper Clubs running in different venues around York so please do keep an eye on the supper clubs page on the Feeding the Rest website or my social media channels.

Upcoming Supper Clubs are:

* Arabic Brunch at Cardamom and Dill - 7 April at 10am

* Spring Supper Club at Cycle Heaven - 11 May at 7.30pm

* Tuscan Evening at Cardamom and Dill 1 June at 7.30pm

Goals for this year

By the end of the year I would love to be scheduling enough events and clients to take my business on full time. I would also like to expand into a bigger preparation kitchen, but I think that’s a goal for mid-2020.

Advice for others thinking of setting up a business

You must be need to be passionate about what you’re doing. There are so many times you start to think that it’s too much hassle and giving up would be the best option. If you give into that, maybe starting that particular business wasn’t for you.

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