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Meet York Mumbler Founder, Emily Pickard

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Mum of two, Emily Pickard is the founder of the hugely successful community social channel and website for parents, York Mumbler.

What started out over six years ago as a Facebook group for parents to swap tips and ideas on places to visit, has grown into a trusted and reliable resource for many parents, where they can find everything from the best weekly activities and groups for children, jobs for parents, local events, and even the opportunity to buy and sell children’s items.

Parents can also access information on a whole range of support services in York including local antenatal classes and domestic abuse support.

With a following of over 18,000, it’s no wonder the Mumbler model has expanded with 26 franchises across the country, all run by a local parent who knows the area inside out.

Here, Emily tells us more about York Mumbler’s highlights of last year, plans for 2019, and the challenges of running such a large community that is quite possibly a lifeline for many parents in York.

Highlights of 2018

The last year has been phenomenal – the growth of Mumbler never ceases to amaze me. More and more people are using the website on a regular basis with over 200,000 visits to the website in 2018; a huge 40% increase on the previous year! Still, the highlights to me are not about the big numbers, but the individual stories and people who come and tell me what a difference Mumbler has made to them.

Whether it’s just general (often daily) use of the website for planning family days out, classes and groups or choosing a nursery; to the times when people really need that extra support and help. Mumbler is most often referred to as a ‘lifeline’ and I absolutely love that I’ve been able to provide that, along with the wonderful members of the group.

Plans for 2019

I have finally come to the realisation that York Mumbler is even bigger than me and for it to help as many parents, I need to get more help with it too!

I’ve had an amazing helper, Leanne, for a while now and I don’t know what I’d do without her – as well as the volunteer admins I have too. But this year I have already commissioned the wonderful Ashley Parker to support me on the ‘anonymous posts’ side as well as improving and expanding the ‘Support and Services’ area of the website. All parents need support at some point so I want to be sure that Mumbler can be there for them and direct them to the right places.

I have also re-vamped the ‘Pregnancy’ area of the website and will continue to improve this – it’s been four years since I was pregnant, so I want to make sure I’m not missing anything new! It’s this pregnancy and early baby stage where people often want the most information, so I want to make sure Mumbler is there to help.

I’m also continuing with my hugely popular Nearly New Sales – I’m even trialling a new location at Easter in Wigginton as well as continuing at Clements Hall every other month. All the details can be found on the website and the York Mumbler Facebook page for these.

Best part & challenges of running York Mumbler

The best part is the genuine feeling that I’ve been able to make life easier for parents in York. When people take the time to send a message or stop me to tell me what they’ve gained from Mumbler it really does mean the world.

Also, being able to work flexibly around my own children is a huge benefit! I work school hours only and the odd evening if I need to, but I can always be there for the kids after school and I fully appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do this as it’s a luxury that not many parents have.

The challenges are – the job is never finished! We’re so lucky in York that there is so much going on in the city and there are always new groups, businesses and people doing fantastic things all the time but that means I’ve had to teach myself that good enough is good enough; it’s the same thing I’ve had to learn as a parent.

You can’t do it all, so you need to enjoy all you have achieved rather than focus on all the things you haven’t (yet).

Opportunities for businesses to work with York Mumbler

There are so many opportunities. I have advertising spots and listings on my website which give a great awareness among parents of York.

My background before starting Mumbler was in Marketing so I feel passionately about understanding my advertiser’s business and I can make recommendations based on what I know will work best for them. I’ll never ‘over sell’ which is why most of my advertisers stay with me month in, month out. The advertising on York Mumbler is also 100% flexible and very cost effective compared to most other forms of advertising that I’m aware of.

As well as the website, I offer sponsorship opportunities at my Nearly New Sales and I plan to run another family fun day this year where businesses can get involved. If they have something great to offer the families of York, then I can make sure the parents know about them and their business.

Contact York Mumbler


E: emily@mumbler.co.uk

T: 07946 648966

FB, Twitter & Instagram @yorkmumbler

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